The Christian Life is not an easy life. We are called to follow the Lord Jesus Christ- whose life was characterised by suffering, grief, strain, betrayal, rejection and ultimately, death on a cross. However, he triumphed over all of this on our behalf. His victorious life, death and resurrection opened the way to Peace with God, the sure promise of Eternal Life and His own Spirit to walk with us and guide us when we own him as our Savior and Lord.

We are not asked to tough it out on our own. He wants us to live as overcomers. To overcome our own loss, rejection, fears, unhealthy thought processes and/or behaviors. We are given the Holy Bible and it's principles of successful living to guide us on this healing path. God's wonderful promises give us hope to trust Him when circumstances have crippled or made us fearful of ever seeing any change. We also are given the Christian community to stand with us and we seek to love and serve him faith fully.

After a lifetime of learning through my own struggles and failures to depend on God, His Word, Prayer and His Spirit to guide me though the wilderness, I answered God's call to get professional seminary training in practical ways to help others grow more healthy- emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

I would count it a privilege to accompany you for a few of the steps in your journey of A Faith FULL Life.