At odds with a loved one, spouse or even a co-worker? Longing for a more satisfying relationships?

Learn the principles of effective communication, conflict resolution and problem solving to build intimacy and greater satisfaction in your relationships. Explore the biblical understanding of marriage, family relationships and friendship.

Overwhelmed by a difficult life passage?

We all go through various crises throughout our lives. Some are "normal" changes during different seasons of life. But sometimes these changes can trigger fears and are a big challenge to our coping skills. Or grief and loss overwhelm us and we need help navigating through an emotional roller coaster.

Are you seeking God's direction for your life and choices now that these changes have rocked your world? Find encouragement and practical help.

Needing spiritual direction?

When life throws us a curve ball we began to ask questions about God. Does he care about me? Why did he allow this to happen? Does he still love me after what I did? Who is this God of the bible? What are the biblical answers to what I'm  facing? The God of the Bible is a living God and he will respond to sincere inquiries.  He reveals himself through the pages of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. A mentoring session is a safe place ask the hard question. As you  explore your situation and pray,  you will find relevant biblical answers and develop spiritual practices that promote your renewed faith.